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Yet more reasons not to use Internet Explorer - the security concerns is poses are great and this article sums up about a new security flaw.

I would recommend ditching IE and using the excellent Firefox or Opera as a main browser. Both of these browsers have much greater functionality than IE and are also more secure to use. This means less spyware!


BitTorrent files tend to be clean of viruses and spyware programs unlike tradition file-sharing applications like Kazaa. However this article explains how Malware infects BitTorrent downloads.


Various updates to Adoko have taken place over the last few months. We've now increased our Message Board to include more specific topics like Viruses.


Need some help removing CoolWebSearch? View this page for some help.


A BBC News Article about spyware. I see more and more articles appearing like this one. It says an "average of 28 spyware programs on each PC scanned" were found.


Anyone who has been infected with Isearch toolbar can read instructions on how to remove it from your browser. This information is from our message board.


An improved Adoko Chat has been setup, which replaces the old (out-of-date) html chat that was there previously.


The Adoko website gets a slightly new look. Please contact me if there are any problems with the new layout - I haven't fully tested it yet.


The new Adoko forum has be set-up. Users can use this forum for advice and information on Spyware.


A new spam article from the BBC news website, giving information about a law which will make spam illegal to send from the UK. Unforunately I doubt this will have any major effect on reducing spam but it's a start.


The Threats area of Adoko has been updated, and information about Keyloggers has been added.


The Adoko site is under going reconstruction.


The server hosting Adoko has been down for about 24hrs. There may be some more disruption over the next few weeks as i'm moving the Adoko site to a new server.


A new virus called Fizzer is spreading rapidly and injecting many computers world-wide. This email virus installs a keylogger and will try to disable your virus checker. Fizzer will also try to automatically update itself. For manual removal instructions go here.


Adoko now hosts it's own program called 'Internet Controller'. Go here for information on how to download.


An article about the increase in Spyware over the past few years. Click here.


An interesting article and review of both Ad-aware and Spybot. Click here.


Adoko carried out its own spyware test on the top four p2p file-sharing applications, Kazaa, Imesh, Bearshare and Morpheus.


Adware gets a major update with version 6.0 [released yesterday]. The long scanning time has created mixed reviews. However we recommend the upgrade, it has more up-to-date reference files which will detect more Spyware. Also, like Spybot Search and Destroy the updater is now integrated within Ad-aware itself, therefore you don't need to download a separate program anymore.

Ad-aware 6
Download Lavasoft's Ad-aware 6.0 from here.
I relation to Ad-aware we also recommend Spybot Search and Destroy


I really have noticed a common trend between the main file-sharing applications out there. Out of the ones that do have spyware programs bundled with them, they have the nerve to try and trick users into thinking that they don't. They tend to have very misleading information when it come to Spyware, and this would no doubt trick users into using their software by making them believe it doesn't contain any. Need the proof? that a look at this.

Taken directly from

Taken directly from

Taken directly from

Above is exactly what appears on the sites Imesh, Bearshare and Kazaa. You can see that by reading these it gives the impression that their software is spyware-clean, but in reality none of them are.


I heard from sources that Imesh does NOT only install Cydoor Spyware software. Even though it clearly tries to give the impression that it is!

'iMesh is SpyWare Clean
iMesh is installed with the Cydoor banner and popup engine. The Cydoor ad engine is NOT a SpyWare software. Neither iMesh or Cydoor tracks the iMesh users in any way or collects any data about them. We've put a lot of effort in becoming 'SpyWare Clean' by talking to all the main SpyWare gurus and following their advices about telling our users ahead about the Cydoor ad engine, and making sure we and Cydoor only do ad delivery activities. It is necessity for us to sell advertising space in the form of banners and popups on our iMesh client. The banners and popups provide us with a revenue stream that enables us to provide you with a free and easy-to-use iMesh software.' from

People have said that even though they unchecked various boxes during installataion to avoid Spyware being installed. After running Ad-aware there were over 30 registry entries of Spyware.