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P2P Applications

Since the widespread use of p2p (file-sharing) applications over the recent years, the number containing spyware is increasing also. The people that make these programs want to get paid and turn to companies which want to install Spyware within they're software. Here we list file-sharing applications which contain spyware. Please do not reply on this list alone, p2p applications get updated quite regularly. Always research the software first, read though the official site for the p2p application you want to download first. Please note, for more information about Spyware on Adoko - click here. Adoko also carried out an experiment, which involved installing the top 4 p2p applications to find out exactly what spyware was included, for the results - click here.

Software Spyware infected?
Kazaa yes.[more info]
Imesh yes.[more info]
Bearshare yes.[more info]
Morpheus yes.[more info]
Audio Galaxy yes.[more info]
Limewire yes.
Xolox optional.[more info]
Grokster yes.[more info]

Adoko Recommendations

WinMX and DirectConnect are both very good File-sharing applications. Both at present are spyware-clean. WinMX is probabily more suited for most users as it has a similar Interface to Napster. DirectConnect is good for finding specific files and I recommend you share at least 2GB.