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What are Keyloggers

A Keylogger is a program that records all keystrokes and stores them for later retrieval. The existence of a keylogger is usually kept a secret and is hidden from whoever it is targeting. For example, They may be used by company to monitor an employee they're suspicious of, a keylogger could even be installed for backup purposes in case of a system crash. It could be useful to know that you always have a backup of whatever you type. keyloggers are categorized as a form of spyware, and will most likely store the keystrokes to a file (which may be encrypted) and can be accessed by the attacker, normally by the use of a password. Some keyloggers also capture the screen at regular intervals (screen recorders). Also it's possible for keyloggers to automatically email the captured keystrokes to the attacker so they don't even need physical access the attacks system once it's been installed.

How to detect a Keylogger