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Adoko Internet Controller
Fix Internet Explorer after hijacking.

ScreenShot 1 - Internet Controller altering menu options in Internet Explorer.
ScreenShot 2 - Internet Controller's Privacy options screen.
ScreenShot 3 - Showing information about a BHO installed on the system.

Browser Helper Objects

Browser Helper Objects [BHO's] automatically run when you load Internet Explorer. Their location (which contains the .dll file) is stored in the registry. Internet Explorer has the option for installing them as most bho's can be useful, like the Yahoo! companion. They give developers the chance to extend the browser which are supposed to help the web experience for the user.

Internet Controller (the mainscreen)

You can use Internet Controller to maintain what BHO's are installed on your system. Internet Controller makes it easy to remove unwanted BHO's, damaged BHO's or even Spyware which some BHO's classed as.