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Spyware or Adware?

Although the two types of programs are different, people seem to write them to mean the same thing? The fine line between the two is not surprising. It seems to be the annoyed people with various program installed calling it spyware and the actual developers calling it Adware.

What are the key differences?


Kazaa's Privacy Policy

Above shows information about spyware taken directly from kazaa.com. Kazaa is notorious for the large amounts of spyware it comes bundled with (see Adoko's Spyware test). In fact it comes with 3 different spyware programs including WhenU's SaveNow and Cydoor. So how can they openly say it doesn't include spyware? As far as they're concerned those programs are not spyware at all, they're adware programs which is also what the developers of WhenUSave state.

SaveNow is Ad-ware, NOT spyware. "

This question is taken from Whenu.com on the FAQ page. People have different views about this and it can be difficult to differentiate to two. Despite what WhenU happen to claim, I would classify SaveNow is spyware. My reasons are as follows;

These three points to me clearly indicate the SaveNow is far from being just Adware. Many other spyware companies operate in this way, clearly trying to confuse users by not even admitting that their program is spyware. Although I think some people may be over the top and always claim Adware to be spyware, many of the programs I've seen I would definitely say they're Spyware even if their site claims otherwise.